Feed with shit by girls

Author: spz
Word count: 48641
The food I ate at noon, the essence of these foods was slowly absorbed by me minute by minute, warm and wriggled in my body, and gathered bit by bit to form the foul-smelling waste in the intestines. The essence of these foods was sublimated in her mouth with happiness, chewed and swallowed bit by bit, and turned into a delicious holy thing in her body. A minute later, my gold was pulled out seven or eight centimeters, hanging on my asshole. I was going to pull it all out, so I didn’t pinch it, but Ke couldn’t wait, on the one hand, she needed my gold to stimulate her orgasm, on the other hand, it would be better to eat in two parts. So, she raised her head, took my gold in one bite and tore it off, and began to chew and devour it. She watched my pooping progress and swallowed the shit in her mouth so she could keep up with me. Half a minute later, I also pulled out the remaining gold, which was 10 centimeters long. Under the reflection of the soft light, it shone with dazzling golden light. Ke accelerated the strength and speed of chewing. According to the progress of my shit, I swallowed the stool in my mouth in advance.
After this long stool comes out, I need to brew it for a while. At this moment, the gold in the deeper part of my intestines is roaming towards the anus, while Ke is eating my gold, panting in estrus, and making a whining sound of enjoyment. This is her pleasure before orgasm and the cry of inner sexual happiness. She quickly finished eating the delicious food in my body, and licked her lips with her tongue. At this exciting orgasm moment, she needs to praise me and please me, so as to reflect her lowliness and my nobility. This is actually to satisfy her own M psychology. “There is more, but it will take a while.” I continued to brew my body, and she couldn’t help flattering me again, “Master, let me suck it for you. You shit and feed Shake. Shake can’t make you tired. This servant will do it for you with your dirty mouth, hehe…” I know that at this moment, her lust is high and her heart is surging. Because I saw through her heart, I targeted her, so I stimulated her nerves with words, and approved her request infinitely coquettishly. Pee, I will grow old with you slowly, sweet and happy, until I grow old forever, hee hee…” I wanted to calm her heart,But I contributed to the flames. In fact, why didn’t she want to? After exposing her desire to cover up, we crossed a surging heart bay and stirred in a wider ocean. She is the boat under my feet, and I am the sailor who rides the wind and waves. She began to wrap her mouth around my asshole, every time she took a sip, I yelled “oh”, like calling for a bed, the sound of oh was long and numb, I expressed my bliss enjoyment so exaggeratedly, it felt so wonderful, my panting and wail sounded like a sonic vibrator, making her cave spring up, her heart tumbling, infinitely coquettish, infinitely tormented.
Soon my stool came again. I didn’t remind her to keep her mouth away, and she directly excreted it into her cherry mouth. This kind of excrement is passed on from mouth to mouth, which requires a lot of tacit understanding. My ass, I say this, you understand? You don’t understand because you haven’t experienced it.
Crotch, my asshole felt her swallowing sweetly, her lips pressed against my opening, and I let out a comfortable deep breath. Without any verbal reminders, when she saw my asshole squirm and open, she quickly swallowed the remaining gold, opened her mouth wide to cover my excretory opening, and used her mouth to defecate for me, and I was used to serving me like this, without any verbal reminders, she knew my hobbies and needs clearly. I like and am obsessed with this kind of perfect and tacit possession, humble and infatuated worship, this is really a queen-like enjoyment, I feel like I am Wu Zetian.

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