Physical Art School under the Rule of the Monster Headmaster 2

Author: xxst
Word count: 13686
(Continuation, see the homepage for the previous article. The following is an excerpt. This article is mostly a group play, and there is no fixed male and female lead. The content includes: beauties and handsome men, group plays, foot control, thick socks, oral sex (yin swallowing), foot sex, high school students (all). Note that there is no holy water and gold!) You can add qq if you want to customize)

(Gold coins are collected symbolically, mainly because the gold coins are not enough)

For example, a girl named Su Xiaonai, who is petite and has an extremely cute face. It was a coincidence that her tablemate was her first love whom she chased after, but unfortunately the other party looked down on her at the beginning, didn’t like this type, and felt that she might not be able to bear her guy when they were together in the future.
Now that’s all right, let’s surrender to the stinky feet of the cute loli!
“Li Ye, hehe, in the past you loved me and ignored me, but today I want you to surrender to me, so that you will only be in heat with my stinky feet!” Su Xiaonai said softly, clenching her fists. Although her words were vicious, her voice was soft and sweet, not threatening at all.
But at the next moment, Su Xiaonai lifted her cute short legs, and stepped on Li Ye’s white, tender and handsome face heavily with the heavy white socks that were still emitting hot smoke, which had already turned yellow and black, and then rubbed them non-stop, as if she was washing the other person’s face.
“Open your nose wide and let me smell it, and suck it hard! Don’t let it go between your toes, if you get into heat with this beauty’s stinky feet earlier, I’ll let you go!”
At the same time, Su Xiaonai’s small hands also tightly held Li Ye’s two wrists to prevent him from struggling and resisting, so that he could only breathe the stinky socks that he even detested! !
“Look at me pinching your nose, enjoy the air between your toes.”
“Hey, it’s very smelly. I’ve been wearing it for a long time and I’ve been exercising for more than an hour in the morning, but what can you do? The only thing you can do is sit and breathe, and you’re in heat with my stinky feet! Waste!”
Li Ye’s face was blue from the smoke, and he was extremely uncomfortable. Like other boys who were being tortured, he almost rolled his eyes. The miraculous thing was that he didn’t pass out from the smell of feet. I don’t know if it was because of his strong will or some mysterious power.
On the other side, the headmaster himself had been enjoying it for a long time. At this moment, his head was resting on the chair, and his whole face was buried under the ass of the pink panties after wearing wine and dancing for an unknown amount of time.
The pink and cute underpants are now mostly yellow on the outside, and some places are gradually turning black. They smell so stinky and stinky. They are covered with countless times of old and new urine, leucorrhea and other female secretions.
But the principal is not only smelling, but also kissing and licking Jiuwu’s pussy and asshole through the stinky panties.
“Um… don’t you think it smells bad and disgusting?” The man’s tongue under his crotch was powerful but soft just right. Although Jiu Wu felt quite comfortable being licked, his heart itched unbearably, and his lust continued to rise, he still couldn’t help asking curiously.
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