Mom’s Toilet Slave

Author: chenle
Word count: 13888
“Still awake?” Xu Min smirked, turned around, and sat up with her big butt facing Xiaokang’s small face. The plump butt meat immediately wrapped his little face.
“Woooo…” Xiaokang, who was sleeping soundly, was suddenly out of breath, and was awakened suddenly, with a familiar but frightening smell coming from his nostrils. He opened his eyes suddenly, his eyes were dark, and his face was sunk into a mass of soft flesh. He knew it must be his mother. Others grew up in his mother’s warm embrace, but he was smoked in his mother’s buttocks.
“Hmmmm…” Xu Min moaned comfortably as he twisted his huge buttocks on his son’s small face. Xiaokang’s small body was exposed, and his arms and legs were struggling weakly. Anyone who saw it would feel distressed. But she turned a blind eye to these things. She stretched out her hands and spread her buttocks apart, allowing her buttocks to wrap Xiaokang’s face more tightly.
Xiaokang broke out in sweat, and his nose was filled with the stench from his mother’s buttocks. Even through his pants, the smell still made him tremble.
“Smell it for me! I’m sorry for you, obediently go to work with my mother today!” Xu Min felt the struggle of her son under her buttocks, but it aroused her sadistic desire. She kept ravaging Xiaokang’s face with her buttocks, and said with a delicate smile. The full breasts swayed with her body, as if about to jump out of the tight camisole.

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