Forced to become a public toilet in a girls’ dormitory Fanwai becomes a public toilet in a girls’ dormitory

Author: jklovee
Word count: 32254
Big story – Forced to become a public toilet in the girls’ dormitory building
In the morning, the alarm clock on Sister Ying’s mobile phone woke up the four women and one man in the dormitory.

“Oh~” Sister Ying straightened her waist and stretched her waist comfortably, simply pushed the quilt off the bed, pulled off her panties and walked straight to me, and opened her mouth on my sleepy face. I stuck my head into her crotch,
“Hiss——” A long and rapid column of golden urine poured directly into my mouth, and I drank it with all my might. Sister Ying’s morning urine is a lot, and the smell is particularly strong, particularly bitter and salty. For a long time, although Linlinli Liyaoyao usually pissed in my mouth, she never bullied me like this and even asked me to drink her morning urine.

Sister Ying pulled my head and lay down on her stool to lean on after she finished pissing. Then I straddled it and let me kiss and lick the urine stains off, while I began to dress up in front of the mirror on the table.
After a while, Sister Ying squatted on the stool, her butt pointed at my mouth, squeezed her anus, and a piece of soft, smelly banana poop slipped into my mouth. I quickly chewed the poop in my mouth and swallowed it quickly. Then Sister Ying’s asshole continuously pulled out several long pieces of fragrant and soft stool, and I hurriedly swallowed them into the abdominal cavity under the slide in the esophagus.

After eating sister Ying’s feces, she slowly sucked and ate the remaining thin and soft feces in the anus with her mouth, and then licked her asshole clean with her tongue inside and out.
Linlin, Yaoyao, Lili and the others also got out of bed one after another, each holding a cut open mineral water bottle to urinate in the morning. Since I came to this dormitory, these four beauties have never gone to the bathroom to go to the toilet. Even if it is morning urine, they will finish urinating in the dormitory, and then pour it into the toilet when they go out.

I also got out of Sister Ying’s buttocks, and got under Linlinliyaoyao’s buttocks one by one. First, I helped them lick the urine stains, and then opened my mouth to welcome the dirty and smelly stools. After being proficient in eating, he swallowed all the feces of the women and put them into his stomach.
The stomach was only slightly swollen by the stools of the four beauties, and it was not moved.
“Oh, Yaoyao, why don’t you pour out the morning urine today, and just let the senior drink all of it this time today. You see, he is still alive and well after eating the shit of the four of us. He doesn’t feel full at all. He just drank it once today. Anyway, he is so happy to eat the more disgusting and dirty shit. Let him drink our morning urine…” Sister Ying kept persuading while picking up the bottle of morning urine from Linlin next to me and started pouring it into my mouth. “Gulu! Gulu~ Gulu…”

Yaoyao and the others still wanted to refuse, but Sister Ying was preemptive, and would only watch me pitifully as Sister Ying finished Linlin’s morning urine, Lili’s morning urine, and finally Yaoyao’s bottle of morning urine was poured into my mouth and I drank it all.

“The stomach suddenly became swollen and bulging.” Hahaha, you see that the senior said he didn’t want to drink the morning urine, you see that he has finished drinking, and the dick is hardup.

Damn, my dick was hard when I was eating poop, and it hasn’t softened yet, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know~ But Sister Ying doesn’t care at all.

After eating the feces of the four girls, Sister Ying and the others were almost ready to leave the dormitory to buy breakfast and then go to the classroom.

And the stools of the four beauties in my stomach are my breakfast today.
After I hid in Yaoyao’s closet and closed the door, all the girls walked out of the dormitory with ease. The closet was not locked, because I was afraid that I was in a hurry to go to the toilet so I didn’t lock it. I just huddled in the closet and played with my mobile phone, waiting for them to come back at noon, and I could get into their crotch and lick and play again.

About an hour later, I was still playing mobile games with the earphones Yaoyao lent me in the closet, when I suddenly heard the sound of the dormitory door being opened by a key, I jumped down. But the frightening thing is that I heard the sound of opening the cabinet several times in a row. Damn, could it be that there was a surprise inspection of the dormitory today to see if there were any illegal electrical appliances?

As veterans of this school, when we used to leave the dormitory, we used to lock the cabinets containing electrical appliances with locks. But now the place where I hide is unlocked.

The sound of getting closer and closer, the crazy and heavy beating of the heart, only the sound of “bang!” the cabinet door was pulled open!

“Wow!”, the housekeeper aunt who was checking was taken aback. Why is there someone hiding in the closet? It’s still a man.

“Come out! Who are you, how did you hide here, what do you want to do, tell me,” the housekeeper aunt shouted sharply.

This dormitory aunt has just joined the job in recent years, and she looks very young, sexy and charming, and her appearance and figure are indeed comparable. Even the dormitory aunt is such a sexy and beautiful young woman. As expected, this dormitory area has always been a sacred place that all boys in the school yearn for.

This dormitory aunt looks very young and good-looking, so the female students often call her Sister Xia kindly. Sister Xia, another Sister Liu who is on duty at the gate of the dormitory area, and Sister Ping who is on vacation are all very good-looking, beautiful young women, and they are very close to the students. They often bring delicious food into the dormitory duty room to play with the dormitory aunts. Naturally, Sister Xia and the others also dote on the female students they take care of, just like their good daughters. Especially the sophomores and above, they are like best friends, they will not be too strict if they can often release water, but they are still very protective of female students. At this time, Sister Xia saw the man who was hiding in the girl’s closet for some unknown purpose, holding the bench in his hand, as if he was ready to cripple me and drag him out before I resisted.

I was so scared that I quickly knelt down and begged for mercy,

“Auntie, Sister Obu, I’m not a bad guy, I, I’m the one who makes toilets and toilets for a few younger sisters in this dormitory, and I don’t intend to hurt them.” I was so frightened that I panicked and said anything nonsense.

“Doing four girls’ toilets every day, do you think I will believe you will eat that kind of thing? And said that I didn’t want to hurt them…” Sister Xia obviously didn’t believe me and thought I was making nonsense and excuses, and raised the stool and was about to throw it at me.

“No, no, I can proveI’ll show you tomorrow that I didn’t lie to you…” I kept shrinking back in fear

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