Female ghosts train mother and daughter

Author: Jumf
Word count: 27332
Mom, I’m going to school! ”

“Be careful, Misaki!”

After watching her daughter bouncing away from the house, Ai Morikawa, who was busy at the sink next to the kitchen, grew up
He breathed a sigh of relief, and then continued to work on the housework in his hand. After a while, she who washed the dishes in the sink
I have to go out to work like my daughter. Since her husband works in other places all the year round, this beautiful mature woman
The wife has to be a father and a mother at the same time to maintain the normal operation of the family. After a while, the cleaning is finished
She who was washing the dishes and chopsticks in the sink let out a long sigh of relief. After drinking some water, she hurried to the bedroom and began to change the chopsticks.
Clothes for work – a dark gray blazer with matching black pantyhose.

“Hey, I don’t know when my husband will come back again.”

“It’s been a while, I haven’t enjoyed the nourishment of a man’s genitals.”

The glamorous mature woman looked at her makeup in the vanity mirror, and couldn’t help but become narcissistic. superior
It was more than two months ago that the husband came back once, and he only stayed with himself and his daughter before leaving again in three days
up. During this period, my husband only did it twice with me, and they were all in a hurry. When I think of myself that year
The husband who is over forty is getting weaker and weaker, which is obviously in contrast to the long-lasting appearance of the newlyweds
Contrasting penis. The mature wife couldn’t help but let out a sad sigh, and at the same time, she didn’t forget to look at the place not far away.
The flesh-colored and brown dildos on the bedside table, even though they were beautifully made and lifelike, were absolutely nothing.
Lifeless dead things can’t satisfy one’s instinctive lustful needs at all.

Women at thirty are like wolves and forty are like tigers. This is perfect for Ai Morikawa, as she recollects
Looking at the pleasure brought by masturbating with a dildo before going to bed last night; while taking off the lavender
Lace home clothes, revealing a mature and fair mature female body wrapped in a black lace bra and briefs. along with
Lifting his arms, slightly messy armpit hair that smelled of sweat protruded from his armpits, while the jet-black pubic hair
A fair amount protruded from the edge of the panties. She doesn’t like thick body hair that much, but it can’t keep it from growing
Quickly, after a few shaves I noticed how fast they were growing and didn’t care to clean them anymore. not long,
After wearing close-fitting black pantyhose and a dark gray wrap-around skirt, she picked up a white blouse and put it on neatly
After looking at the time on the wall clock with a suit jacket outside, she impatiently put on her high heels, holding
Xiaobao quickly left the house.

Unknowingly, one day passed, and at night, Ai Morikawa returned home with a tired face.
Just today, she just got the news that with the expansion of the company’s projects, she will temporarily go to another
The project department of each city will help in the first half month or so, that is to say, in the next half month or soright time,
Her precious daughter is going to live at home alone. She didn’t want to go to the project department to help out, but when she thought that she could
With an additional subsidy of 150,000 yen, she still gritted her teeth and accepted the invitation. After all, I just bought this
Living in a second-hand house, repaying the mortgage is not a small expense. It can be said that as long as the company can earn extra income
She will not refuse any place.

“Mom, I don’t want you to go!”

“Silly boy, if mom doesn’t go to earn more money, your summer trip to Hokkaido will be in vain.”

After thinking about it for a while, Misaki Morikawa nodded and accepted the fact that her mother was going on a business trip. even if
As a female high school student, she can’t cook all kinds of delicacies like her mother, but she can still cook simple meals.
will do. The refrigerator has already placed the ingredients prepared by my mother for myself, which is almost enough for myself for a week
Arrangements, at worst, you can go to the supermarket to buy vegetables. Tomorrow is Friday, and mother will leave early tomorrow morning
Another city, and I, who came home from school, will start my own independent life this week.

The next night, Misaki, who came home from school, looked at the empty house and couldn’t help but let out a long breath. this is her
It was the first time that she lived independently at home, even so, she calmed down her complicated mood, and then picked up from the refrigerator
Take out the ingredients and start cooking according to the practice in memory. Although it’s not as delicious as my mother’s, it’s good
Too much money to eat out. After eating, Misaki started busy with homework, as the top student in the class,
She doesn’t want to spoil her good image.

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