The Poison of the Wicked Woman of Elegy

Author: qqqwwweeer
Word count: 10969
The sudden appearance of Wang Jiarui is still like a hot flame in the past. The past is deeply engraved in Liang Xiangnan’s memory. Even though it has been dusty for a long time, it is awakened again at this moment. It is not a pity for the beautiful woman who was once loved so much. The past reappeared in front of his eyes again, as if it was yesterday, and it was vivid in his eyes. Liang Xiangnan finally did not have the courage to face the palace of today’s marriage. He still can’t let go of the red dress. Anxiously urging him, but his thoughts have drifted to that afternoon many years ago,,,,,,,,,,
That day, Liang Xiangnan was staring at the red figure in a daze, his body froze, and his wandering thoughts were “Hey, don’t be stupid, if you like it, just go and confess your love.” The friend’s words woke him up.
There is such a sexy and beautiful girl, in my impression, this girl can only appear on the screen, or in a dream.
Liang Xiangnan was born intelligent and confident, and he rushed to the girl confidently. In short, I want to fall in love with you. Unexpectedly, people made mistakes, and horses made mistakes. Although the girl did not give a clear rejection, she left a disdainful look and walked away gracefully. Liang Xiangnan was born in a wealthy family. Wang Jiarui just became the woman Liang Xiangnan couldn’t get but wanted. After that, Liang Xiangnan changed from being free and easy in the past, and went to court Wang Jiarui every day. Even though he heard a lot of Wang Jiarui’s romantic past and gossip from his classmates, he was always the same as before, always affectionate, and often paid for Wang Jiarui’s consumption. Now she was played by Wang Jiarui, and finally waited until the goddess was played enough by her boyfriend and abandoned. The goddess finally turned to herself and said, “I’ll give you a chance, and I’ll see how you perform in the future.” Then, she walked gracefully as always, and there was a gust of wind, just like her own goddess. Like that gust of wind, she always appears and disappears. Xiangnan is constantly hopeful and constantly disappointed. He has been hanging Liang Xiangnan and circling. As time goes by, Liang Xiangnan has grown from a bright and confident sunny boy.
If I could go to the story and be Liang Xiangnan’s friend, I would definitely sing a song called Today to him, and I would definitely persuade him: Who hasn’t been hurt? Who hasn’t shed tears? Why hide in the dark, self-pity and self-pity? If you live in a world where you can’t see light, let the darkness become another beauty.
Screen switching: present tense
Even though the city is brightly lit at night,Once you pass through the bustling streets, there will be dark alleys. A one-bedroom, one-living room rental house is a realistic representation of a contemporary urban man and woman. In the room, a pair of young bodies are intertwined, doing something shameless. They seem to have inexhaustible physical strength. After a busy day at work, they are still fighting together tirelessly. As it continued to rise, the smell became stronger, “Fuck you, little slut” The young man spoke rudely and slapped the woman’s big naked butt maniacly, but he couldn’t see any resistance from the woman, but became more obedient and obedient. Her charming face was pressed tightly against the bed and her body was in a kneeling position, making piercing screams. Palms tensed, toes twisted unconsciously, it is a state of a woman in heat, it seems that she seems to enjoy “ah, dad,,, dad fucked me,,, ah,, dad,,,” this is definitely not the woman’s sincere words, she must be pleasing the man behind her, strictly speaking, she is also pleasing herself. It seems that women have no bottom line, especially women who are in heat, etiquette, justice, integrity and shame are completely irrelevant to them. For the sake of indulgence, they are all left behind. It is hard to imagine how her own father will feel if he sees it? sorrow!
After a lot of fighting, the two finally struggled ashore from the sea of ​​desire, and when the weather was calm, they still did not forget to be together. Love brother honey sister, you and me, sweetly in this dilapidated and chaotic small house, it seems to have solved the eternal puzzle, the meaning of life.
From Wang Jiarui’s fingers wrapped around the man’s chest to the thighs circling the man’s waist, it can be seen that she is satisfied. Sassy women like to stick their bodies on a man’s body all the time, and vanity women always like to show off to the outside world that there is no shortage of suitors. “I went to the company you work for today. Guess what?” Wang Jiarui looked at the man with a smile.
“How? Does the company want you?” The man’s urgency and expectation couldn’t be concealed. He needed Wang Jiarui to share the burden of life together, but he never thought about his own ability.
“Hehe, I didn’t say it.” Wang Jiarui skipped it lightly, but she seemed to be confident.
“It’s over, then I can’t use you anymore, so why are you laughing? You have a big heart. You have been out of work for almost two months. Do you know how hard it is for me to go to work every day?”
“oops,What are you panicking about? What do you do with the little money you earn? I won’t rely on you to support me, the company will definitely use me, don’t worry. “Wang Jiarui said proudly.

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