zebra city

Author: cysjsjs
Word count: 11024
A cute girl with short hair dressed as a bunny girl is smiling obsessively. She has short blond hair, wearing long black bunny ear hairpins, a deep red tube top one-piece high-cut swimsuit, and black silk fishnet stockings. A pair of beautiful legs are stretched straight at a 90-degree angle against the door of the toilet. Due to the length of the legs, they almost hit the upper door frame.
A man’s head was sandwiched between the thighs, the man’s neck was stuck in the girl’s triangle, the Adam’s apple was also tightly pressed by the private parts, the black forest pushed up the man’s chin, and the man’s face was reddened by the girl, his breathing was difficult, his whole body was trembling, and his lips were purple.
“What are you doing? It’s not good for you to come to the women’s restroom with him on the first day he comes to work~hehe~” the girl said flirtatiously
The man couldn’t speak at all, he just breathed heavily on the girl’s lower abdomen, and touched the girl’s large fishnet stockings with his rough hands, but he couldn’t touch them.
The girl skillfully took out a silver card from the man’s breast pocket, scratched it on her thigh, and said with a smile, “Thanks for your hard work, before you lose control of your hand, let’s remove the fingerprints.” As she spoke, the girl inserted the card between the man’s big hand and her stockings, and a blue laser scanned it, unlocking the card’s fingerprint.
The man sitting directly across from him was unwilling. After all, the cards hadn’t been played yet, two of them abstained, and the family dominated, which was not good for him. The man felt that something was wrong under the table. Although he was impolite, the man still lifted the tablecloth and got under the table to find out. He couldn’t help being shocked when he saw it. How could Luanju allow people to find out that he was cheating?
The girl was originally sitting on Erlang’s legs. At this time, the thigh roots were opened. The black silk was opened in a large mouth in the thickened crotch. The meat cavity and asshole were clearly visible. The man was not so exclaimed. He had picked it into the girl’s crotch, and his nose was buried in the jade pot. This is an instinctual suction, not forced, but as the man wants to escape from running away, the girl instantly clamped the man’s head.

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